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#13379615 Aug 03, 2017 at 09:36 PM
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I could not raid much last month, so i've made some theorycrafting. I didn't raid partly because of being tired after antibiotics and partly cruz on new job and apartment renovation im going through. Alleged 'poor preformance' is not a reason. But it did hurt my feelings a bit:)

That's why i mapped all healing done in our raid bosses fights(of some recent raid) to a time lane:
You can check math, it was some work to do and i'm sure it's not 100% accurate, also i did skip all talents and weapon traits for everyone. I bet real numbers would show even greater difference than this sheet does, cuz most healing traits in game are about bigger heals, while druid have a lot of longer hots.
You can see how long it takes from when you start healing to when you healing arrives. You can see that monk and priest are doing 2/3 of their healing with in first 2s, while druid does quite opposite.

When you consider that:
  • most of my healing is done after 3s
  • we tend to have too much healers, and overgear content we progress tho
  • with leads to raid members being topped off most of the time, with is not case for most progression raiding
In that environment I could only compete by doing less efficient healing, just to get more hps. With i'm already doing to some degree.

What i think is more of an issue than my performance(in some random order):
  • Healers - You should have hots counter of some sort installed so you can see that this dude with 70% hp have 8 hots on him and there is no need to flash heal him, but maybe save mana for later( we actually do wipe from time to time cuz of oom healers)
  • Healers/Tanks - You should have active/cd raid buff timers on screen(in middle not somewhere next to heartstone), so everyone can see when tank have CD on, or when i channel tranq, so you wont pop your insta heal CD after 2s.
  • Everyone learn the fu#$% tactic, last week i did KJ on hc with you, while it was my first try on that and i was tired as shit, i did fuckup once. While some people had an average one fuckup per try,
I know I could do more, farm every legendary and change them between fights, grind weapon like crazy and focus more to do even less mistakes. The point is I know when and how i fuckup, and i correct myself fast. I know how to heal well, have done 700hps+ many times, have done almost 500k hps in first tier on ursoc m. i did 2 men heal BT25 hc all but last 2, i did 'he feeds on your tears' 10, with was insanely hard for a healer, i was top druid on sylvanas for a while, people paid me gold few exp back to go with them way be4 selling runs became a thing.
Of course now, i don't have time to play every day, I'm aware that my performance is not that good, but it's still more than enough to push us tho hc/m at this or even faster rate.

So when we wipe, and you don’t know the reason, you go to healing tab and see me next to drooling, that’s not the reason, not even close. I'm already giving(or was giving) more to progress this guild than average.

Rant mode off, Ill end with a meme:

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